Let's Change the World!

Bay Staters, which has always forgone fundraising in favor of supporting other local groups, is currently setting up a nonprofit bank account to begin accepting donations. Thank you for your patience!

We are a grassroots nonprofit and volunteer network ending the war on drugs and expanding affordable, equitable access to entheogenic plants and fungi like psilocybin mushrooms. We also offer free trainings on safe use, facilitation services to advise you on how to use these plants safely, small business mentorship, and grow kits for legal mushrooms.

But unlike profit-driven facilitation services, our roots are in courageous city advocacy to end the entire war on drugs. Started in early 2021, our grassroot volunteering efforts helped achieve decriminalization of entheogenic substances and controlled substance possession across the cities of:

Sign up for our free events and our weekly community action hours, Thursdays at 7pm. These online meetings empower our volunteers to share their stories of hope, learn about our local education work with city councils, and take direct action to help normalize the use of plant medicine. Our in-person events, from grow trainings to nature hikes, are always free to help build community