What is Our Facilitator Network?

Bay Staters has vetted and trained facilitators to compassionately mentor people looking to improve their lives and work through trauma with plant medicines (and without it too). Our facilitators are not employees nor contractors: just authentic people who want to help you. There is no required payment but modest gifts can be worked out with facilitators to help them help you with their time and nationwide support our work!
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Meet Some of Our Facilitators


Lee, MA

M.M. is a licensed clinical social worker and doctor of psychology who prides herself in being a great mom. She discovered psychedelics in her youth, immigrating from Portugal, and now sees them as way for us to heal relationships with each other in new, healthy ways.


Boston, MA

N.B. is a life science professional who holds degrees in psychology and technology from UPenn and Harvard. She is excited to have deep one on one conversations, helping people navigate the challenges of the modern workplace, big career choices, and anxiety.


Boston, MA

A musician from the Midwest, J.D. loves helping people connect with their softer side, learn to eat healthfully, and work through the traumas of bullying, addiction, and career stress. Raised by a single mom, he sees processing generational trauma as a powerful way to make progress


Somerville, MA

Having studied meditation across Asia and plant medicine integration in Ecuador, D.Q. is excited to nurture others in how grounding can alleviate the struggle of depression. Losing his father at a young age, D.Q. helps other discover a new lease on life


Plymouth, MA

A.K. is a recent graduate passionate about mushroom foraging, photography, hiking, art, and music. He sees letting go of the shame our society imposes on our bodies as an essential element of healing. Trauma can be a tool we ultimately use to help others


Plainsville, MA

C.S. is a licensed clinical social worker whose personal history with addiction drives her passion to help others. Plant medicine, for her, is an incredible tool to rekindle creativity and grow spiritually. She is excited to facilitate and mentor people who want to use their gifts to help their community.


Quebec, Canada

J.M. is a first responder, who understands and sympathizes with the repetitive trauma health providers experience. Gifted mushrooms by a complete stranger on his international travels, he sees these tools as a way to achieve a new perspective on life


Weymouth, MA

S.B. runs a private community club that educates people on the spiritual use of cannabis and psychedelics. The group meets every week for meditation, breath work, yoga, and groovy DJ sets to promote healing vibrations for all

Want to Become a Facilitator?

If you have a passion for helping others find their passion in life and navigate challenges in their personal and professional lives, consider applying to our free training program and network. If you have what it takes, we'll connect you with people who have similar energies.
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