Our Services

Find a Facilitator to Guide Your Experience

Want to learn more about psychedelics? Looking to get life advice from a trusted mentor? Interested in topics like meditation, breath work, and somatic touch as methods to recover from trauma?

Email us at team@baystatersnm.com to matched with a facilitator certified by our team to be the real deal.

Customized Grow Kits!

Our team is excited to offer hand-painted grow kits for legal mushrooms to help support our education efforts across the United States. We deliver and include the finest materials to get you started. Place your request here.

Free Trainings

Our nonprofit will always provide free trainings so that people can safely experience plant medicines by themselves or with a trusted friend independent of our services. This is because we believe in human freedom and dignity over the profit motive. All of our trainings are here:

Mentorship for Small Business Owners

Our world-class leadership team can advise you on setting up your business, navigating the legal landscape, and understanding the future of reform. You can book a mentorship session by reaching out to team@baystatersnm.com