Our Services

Bay Staters is building out a network of world-class facilitators who can advise you on how to safely use plant medicines, sit with you during an experience to ensure safety and comfort, and process the experience with you after. Our facilitators can also be valuable life coaches independent of a plant medicine experience as well. Our facilitators are required to complete advanced training in integration, first aid and CPR, and pass a background check. Check back soon or reach out to team@baystatersnm.com

Become a Paid Trip Sitter for People in Need

We're hiring skilled and compassionate people as psychedelic facilitators who can offer advice, trip sitting, and integration mentoring. Our facilitator network, launching as a nonprofit next month, will empower people from any education level or background to help others healfree ongoing training, an accountability process, space, marketing,community events for any individual that successfully applies to become a Bay Staters certified facilitator.

Our vision for this network can be found here. You can apply to become one of our facilitators here. Since this network is launching in early June, feel free to ask questions or suggest insights: team@baystatersnm.com

Free Trainings

Our nonprofit will always provide free trainings so that people can safely experience plant medicines by themselves or with a trusted friend independent of our services. This is because we believe in human freedom and dignity over the profit motive. All of our trainings are here:

Mentorship for Small Business Owners

Our world-class leadership team can advise you on setting up your business, navigating the legal landscape, and understanding the future of reform. You can book a mentorship session by reaching out to team@baystatersnm.com

Customized Grow Kits!

Our team is excited to offer hand-painted grow kits to fundraise money for our education efforts across the United States. We deliver and include the finest materials to get you started. Place your order here.