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We are excited to help you safely experience plant medicine, microdosing, and self growth. When you apply, our nonprofit network matches you with one of our certified guides who can answer any question you have and help you set up a safe, uplifting experience with our renowned Eudaimonia Process. Our team of social workers, therapists, business leaders, parents & artists are here for you
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What Our Mentees are Saying

Meet Our Facilitators


Lee, MA

Manuela is a licensed clinical social worker and doctor of psychology who prides herself in being a great mom. She discovered psychedelics in her youth, immigrating from Portugal, and now sees them as way for us to heal relationships with each other healthfully


Boston, MA

Palvashey is a long time facilitator who hold an M.A. in Quantum Physics from Harvard and Ph.D. in quantum physics. Her personal history with familial abuse, homelessness, addiction, and depression inspires her work helping other realize their super powers!


Carlisle, MA

Kelly holds certifications and is pursuing advanced degrees in herbal medicine. She was inspired to this work helping her partner, a veteran of the Marines recover from PTSD. She is excited to support people turning over a new leaf in their lives to help their neighbors in need


Boston, MA

Natalie is a life science professional who holds degrees in psychology and technology from UPenn and Harvard. She is excited to have deep one on one conversations, helping people navigate the challenges of the modern workplace, big career choices, and anxiety


Boston, MA

James is a long-time facilitator who holds degrees in economics and public administration from Columbia and USC, respectively. Raised by a single mom in the Midwest, he sees processing generational trauma as a powerful way to make progress toward finding life's purpose


Plymouth, MA

Aaron is a recent graduate passionate about mushroom foraging, photography, hiking, art, and music. He sees letting go of the shame our society imposes on our bodies as an essential element of healing. For him, trauma can be a tool we use to help others


Plainsville, MA

Courtney is a licensed clinical social worker whose personal history with addiction drives her passion to help others. Plant medicine, for her, is an incredible tool to rekindle creativity and grow spiritually. She is excited to facilitate and mentor people who want to use their gifts to help their community.


Quebec, Canada

Jose is a first responder, who understands and sympathizes with the repetitive trauma health providers experience. Gifted mushrooms by a complete stranger on his international travels, he sees these tools as a way to achieve a new perspective on life


Rutland, MA

Jill is a mother of special needs children as well as a cannabis educator and podcaster. She is enjoys helping people connect with their spiritual side independent of the profit-driven healthcare system that leaves so many people behind


New York, NY

Daria is a Cornell University and National Academy of Sports Medicine certified nutrition and athletic coach, mentoring hundreds in plant-based nutrition. Professionally she also fundraises for STEM education. She's passionate about theatre


Boston, MA

Colomba is a professional painter and muralist from Chile and Singapore, passionate about building a more compassionate world for our neighbors, animals, and our planet. She helps others use their art to express and process trauma, from intergenerational hardship to gender-based violence


Norton, MA

Ann's inspiration for this work is rooted in deep personal losses and struggles with anxiety. Natural modalities helped her find a new path and rediscover her passions for golf, beach, and travel. She is excited to help others heal, particularly folks in the LGBTQ+ community

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If you have a passion for helping others find their direction and navigate challenges in their personal and professional lives, consider applying to our training program and network. When you complete our certified course and pass our required background check, you will be inducted into the network, matched with mentees, and provided ongoing training opportunities
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