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Grow Mushrooms!

We believe that mushrooms of all kinds provide critical health benefits for everything from heart disease to mental health. To that end, we connect people with grow kits to get them started (supplies limited and donations encouraged). We also provide free training in how to grow mushrooms for beginners as well.

Please note that due to overwhelming demand, it can take up to a week to fulfill your order. If you would like check on one of your orders, please email
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Grow Your Business or Nonprofit!

Reach out to us for advice on how to grow your small business and plan for the emerging psychedelic landscape across the world. We're here to help small entrepreneurs take on the big guys to help the people most in need.
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Grow Yourself!

View our free courses on trip sitting, preparing for an experience yourself, and organizing your community to decriminalize plant medicines and end the war on drugs!
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