A Community Celebrating Plant Medicine

We are a grassroots community group providing harm-reduction education on psychedelic plants, including psilocybin mushrooms, as well as ways to eat and live healthier. As a result of our work, Massachusetts has ended arrests for plant medicines in more cities than any other state in America—eight communities. We hope you will join one of our upcoming events to make friends, learn to meditate and breath, learn to legally grow mushrooms of all kinds, and help build this people-powered movement

Bay Staters For Natural Medicine began in late 2020 as just a handful of volunteers who met because their lives had been changed by plant medicine, from working through depression to managing the stress of being a nurse to working through opiate addiction. From the beginning, our movement was about more than just plant medicine: it's about helping people rediscover themselves through community, healthy eating, and justice for all

As a result of our work, these cities unanimously voted to tell their police departments to end arrests for growing, non-commercially sharing, and using all naturally occurring psychedelics AND possession of all controlled substances:

These cities passed versions of our measures telling their police departments to end arrests for growing, non-commercially sharing, and using naturally occurring psychedelics AND issued statements that the entire "war on drugs" is a flawed approach from a public health and justice perspective:

These cities have taken meaningful steps towards passing a measure, either through the passage of a measure through a commission of the city or by city leaders stepping up to meet with us to discuss paths toward progress:

You can sign up for our community events across the Northeast. These events are an opportunity to make new friends, learn about plant medicine and wellness, and help build momentum to change state and local laws